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Training Course for HEAD of PANEL of international olive oil sensory panel

Parma (PR) – Italy

9th – 11th November 2015  

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This a specific course aimed to take competencies to establish, leading and co ordinating an Tasting Panel for quality control and olive oil classification and certification

The course is aimed in according to the I.O.O.C. – International Olive Oil Coucil norms and International regulation and all instructors are highly specialized in their field and are official IOOC and EC Expert Commission members.

What is a head of Panel?

The Head of Panel (also know as Panel Leader or Panel Supervisor) is a professional with specific competencies in selection, training, establish and managing a group of tasters or judges, also in the direction of the juries of international olive oil competitions.

He/She will be able to develop a good skills and expertise in the evaluation of the product and on leadership for the management of the group of tasters.

To perfect the skills acquired, participants are invited to join the co-direction of one of the various committees of the International Olive Oil Competition Competition ARMONIA 2016, under the leadership of the most important international Panel leaders.

Competencies and skills acquired can be useful also to manage panels of tasting of other food products (wine, cheese, salami, bread…)


Italian Artisan Charcuterie: from farm to fork

Course on the craft of preparing pork meat for the production of Italian Salumi

Cured italian deli meats, smallgoods or charcuterie are all known as Salumi, which include delicacies such as Prosciutto, Culatello, Salame, Salsiccia, Cotechino and more. All a gastronomic success story.

A course dedicated to discover the secrets of rearing, butchering and artisan curing of meat in the Italian Salumi tradition.
Learn all about the creation of  “Masterpieces” known as Prosciutto, Culatello, Rolled Pancetta, Salame, Salsiccia, Cotechino and much more…

Participants will have “hands-on” experience in the making of  traditional and authentic Italian Salumi and take part in practical demonstrations of traditional Emilian cuisine including bread baking
An exciting and authentic gourmet experience in Parma known worldwide as “Food Valley” which has made the processing of pork its point of excellence in the world

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Master of the mill

Training course in olive oil processing and mill management

Institute of Research for Olives and Olive Oil Industry – Spoleto (PG) – Italy

2 – 3 – 4 – November 2015

A course for processing plant operators, technicians and those involved in blending, packaging and marketing of olive oil.

img_1141Course objective is to introduce innovative extraction techniques for olive oil quality improvement, also to diversified the production to increase sensorial features and nutritional properties, according to the different requirements of different markets.

A Master of the Mill must be familiar not only with the technical aspects of extraction to improve the olive oil quality, but also blending, packaging and the legal implications of labelling, but also with the guidelines that govern marketing strategies and business communication to promote the olive oil in the international market

A technical course of three days, with guided tours and practical tests and tasting in one of the most technologic mills operating and one of the most reputable companies of bottling of olive oil, internationally recognized.

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A.NZ.SA. Awards 2015 – Olive Oil Championship

4th Southern Hemisphere Olive Oil Championship A.NZ.SA. Awards 2015 Harvest 2015
in conjuction with the 10th Armonia International Olive Oil Competition

trination-sitoIn 2012 the ARMONIA International Olive Oil Competition travels to Australia and Latin America, introducing in the various countries the 1st Southern Hemisphere Olive Oil
Championship A.NZ.SA. and South America Awards.

ARMONIA, now in its 10th year, is the first and only competition in the world that brings the producers, foodbloggers, chefs and consumers together by linking the Olive Oil of
Excellence to the Plate: a strict interaction with the goal to create an unedited network between these subjects and to increase the knowledge and the consumption of extra
virgin olive oil of excellence in the local market place.

This “interaction” is the key to promoting a greater understanding of the use of extra virgin olive oil and therefore, increasing its consumption in the local market place.

Completed application forms and samples should be received no later than: 31th August 2015

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