3 aprile 2018


25th – 29th June 2018 – Pienza (SI)

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A high level qualification and professionalization course, designed for those who have obtained in the past Olive Oil Sommelier diploma and for olive oil tasters or connoisseurs to improve their skills and competencies in the field.

The course is designed also for those who want to obtain Olive Oil Sommelier diploma with a new comprehensive and original formula, using teaching unique approach that guarantees a solid understanding of the required skills and innovative content never studied before in this field.

Our goal is to offer a high level qualification and professionalization course to improve theoretical and practical knowledge concerning sensorial analysis, also with guided tasting sessions with more than 60 olive oils coming from worldwide.

Those who want to verify their subjective perception can take part to the optional selective trials, perception olfactory tests for the comprehension of the different intensities.

Practical laboratories will present techniques to create directly blends with olive oils with different origins and characteristics.

During the course participants will take part to laboratories concerning gastronomy and healthy aspects, with degustation and cooking demonstrations and a peculiar attention to the alternative use of olive oil in cooking, in cold preparations in kitchen and in restaurants and for the preparation of cosmetics.

Very interesting will be also the session of the course dedicated to the marketing oriented to the difference between countries and customs in the different markets and with a focus to the ways to turn costs into profit opportunities.

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