Training Course for Sensory PANEL leader/NEW DATE

25 febbraio 2020

Training Course for

Sensory PANEL leader

to open and guide an olive oil sensory panel

Parma – PR (Italy), 9th – 12th november 2020


What is a Sensory Panel Leader?

A Sensory Panel Leader is a professional with specific competencies in selection, training, establish and managing a group of tasters or judges, also in the direction of the juries of international olive oil competitions

He/She will be able to develop a good skills and expertise in the evaluation of the product and on leadership for the management of the group of tasters.

This a specific course aimed to take competencies to establish, leading and co­ordinating an Tasting Panel for quality control and olive oil classification and certification.

The course is aimed in according to the I.O.C. – International Olive Coucil norms and International regulation and all instructors are highly specialized in their field and are official I.O.C. and EC Expert Commission members.

Competencies and skills acquired can be useful also to manage panels of tasting of other food products.

Registration Fees

Fees for the course: 1.350,00 Euros

The Course includes:

  • Classroom sessions, guided tastings and practical exercises
  • Sensorial Exercises, Tasting Sessions and Simulation-based training
  • Didactical Materials
  • Sensory Panel Leader Diploma



Completed application form should be received no later than:

October, 01st 2020

Registrations will close at the reaching of the number of places available.

Registrations will be accepted considering the order of arrival of the applications.


For more information, please contact:

Olive Oil Academy by Irvea Group

ph. +39 0521 184 15 31 – fax +39 0521 148 0029 – mob. +39 346 541 9847 – +39 347 49 13 924



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