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6 dicembre 2013

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hp_slide_11After the success of ARMONIA in the Kitchen, Olive Oil Academy  presents a professional course for Olive Oil Sommelier & Food Lovers

A top-level qualification course designed for those who wish to become not only olive oil tasters who concentrate their abilities on the classification of the product, but true experts in the selection and multiple use of olive oil

The course is conducted in English and intended for professional and aspiring olive-oil tasters, restaurateurs, chefs, producers, retailers, promoters and all those who are interested in becoming a Professional Olive Oil Sommelier.

The course aim is to train Professional Olive Oil Sommeliers who will be highly qualified and able to make the best use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, employing their skills and knowledge through effective communication together with innovative techniques of preparation and presentation in the harmonious pairings of oil and food, with particular attention to health and nutrition.

This course will be held at Garda Lake, Italy from: 31 March – 4 April

Enrolments are now open until:  15 February 2014

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For more information for this and other courses, please refer to the link on website: www.oliveoilagency.org or www.irvea.org


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