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13° Armonia Competition – Southern Hemisphere

Enrollments for producers of the Southern Hemisphere are NOW open!

South America – South Africa – New Zealand – Australia

Armonia Trophy is the first and only Olive Oil Competition that encourages restaurateurs, caterers, chefs and young chefs, foodbloggers enthusiasts and consumers to expand their knowledge about the “EVOO of Excellence” and the new “alternative use” for increasing consumption in the kitchen and on the table.

Aims of the contest are:

  • to encourage olive oil producers and processors to strive to improve their quality, to promote excellence in extra virgin olive oil and the appreciation of its health and nutrition benefits in the kitchen and on the plate;
  • rewarding with awards and prizes the best olive oil producers in all the world, with the aim of promoting and increasing knowledge of Extravirgin Olive Oil and consumption in their local markets;
  • to promote the study and the knowledge of olive oil quality, classification and new “alternative” techniques for restaurant kitchen, table and bakery use.

A competition that guarantees the anonymity of the participants, the impartiality of the evaluation and that favors the promotion, the knowledge of oil of quality and the “alternative uses” in restaurants and in general in the kitchen.

Download rules and application form – ENG

Download rules and application form – ESP

Completed application forms and samples should be received no later than: September, 30th 2018


A.NZ.SA. Awards 2015 – Olive Oil Championship

4th Southern Hemisphere Olive Oil Championship A.NZ.SA. Awards 2015 Harvest 2015
in conjuction with the 10th Armonia International Olive Oil Competition

trination-sitoIn 2012 the ARMONIA International Olive Oil Competition travels to Australia and Latin America, introducing in the various countries the 1st Southern Hemisphere Olive Oil
Championship A.NZ.SA. and South America Awards.

ARMONIA, now in its 10th year, is the first and only competition in the world that brings the producers, foodbloggers, chefs and consumers together by linking the Olive Oil of
Excellence to the Plate: a strict interaction with the goal to create an unedited network between these subjects and to increase the knowledge and the consumption of extra
virgin olive oil of excellence in the local market place.

This “interaction” is the key to promoting a greater understanding of the use of extra virgin olive oil and therefore, increasing its consumption in the local market place.

Completed application forms and samples should be received no later than: 31th August 2015

Adobe_PDF_icon-150x150Download General Rules of the competiton

Adobe_PDF_icon-150x150Download application form

img_award presentation

A.NZ.SA. 2014 – Awards ceremony

At William Blue Dining onDecember 1st 2014 was held the awards ceremony of the 3rd Southern Hemisphere Championship A.NZ.SA. Award 2014.

Download the brief presentation of the awards ceremony

Here the list of winners



1st Classified: LOWANNA’S PADDOCK –Homeleigh Grove AUSTRALIA



1st Classified: VIRTUO Mild- The Olive Place – NEW ZEALAND
2nd Classified: ALTO Robust – Alto Olives – AUSTRALIA


1st Classified: LEONTYNA Picual– Paringa Ridge – AUSTRALIA
2nd Classified: VIRTUO Medium – The Olive Place – NEW ZEALAND

PEOPLE’s CHOICE- Selection

2nd Classified: ALTO Robust – Alto Olives – AUSTRALIA


1st Classified: COCKATOO GROVE- Australia
2nd Classified: LEONTYNA Olive Oil – Paringa Ridge -AUSTRALIA

ARMONIE in the KITCHEN – Zanussi Professional Award 2014

– Young Student Chef Award -

1st Classified: Ashley Lambert
Coconut Arancini with ACQUERELLO Rice & HIDDEN VALLEY Olive Oil – SOUTH AFRICA
2nd Classified: Ion Kuan Chio (Jess)
3th Classified: Aleksei Ivankin
Coffee Risotto with spiced coconut milk, oranges, sweet cherries and a shot of Americano with ACQUERELLO Rice & COCKATOO GROVE Olive Oil- AUSTRALIA


– Food Blogger and Enthusiast Award –

1st Classified: Jessica Fernandez
Mozzarella arancini with ACQUERELLO Rice & VIRTUO Medium Olive Oil- The Olive Place – NEW ZEALAND
2nd Classified: Tania Cusack
Risotto Dessert with ACQUERELLO Rice & LOWANNA’S PADDOCK Olive Oil–Homeleigh Grove AUS

3th Classified: Alana Biordi
Dessert arancini with ACQUERELLO Rice & HIDDEN VALLEY Olive Oil – SOUTH AFRICA

ARMONIE in the KITCHEN – Zanussi Professional Award 2014

-Young Chef Award –

1st Classified: Danielle Martin

Ricotta tart with ACQUERELLO Rice & COCKATOO Olive Oil- AUSTRALIA

2nd Classified: Olivia Oh

Risotto with pancetta and kimchi with ACQUERELLO Rice & LEONTYNA Picual Olive Oil – AUSTRALIA

3th Classified: Madeline Glenn

Risotto with pork neck with ACQUERELLO Rice & VIRTUO Medium Olive Oil- The Olive Place – NEW ZEALAND

img_award presentation


It’s time for the Southern Hemisphere!

ARMONIA Southern Hemisphere

Now online

Armonia Southern HemisphereTerms & Conditions and Application form reserved for the Southern Hemisphere to participate at the International Olive Oil Competition Armonia.

ARMONIA is the only Olive Oil competition that encourages chefs, cooks, enthusiasts and consumers to expand their knowledge of “Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) of EXCELLENCE” as well as new, alternative uses and techniques for increasing consumption in catering, in the kitchen and on the table.

More info:
A.NZ.SA. (Australia – New Zealand – South Africa)
IX International Olive Oil Competition Armonia IRVEA Trophy – Southern Hemisphere (South America, Asia)

Logo Anzsa 2014


Olive Oil producers, Chefs, Food Bloggers and Foodies will work together to discover the very best Olive oils from the Southern Hemisphere & bring them together on the plate.


pdficoDownload General Rules of the Competition

pdficoDownload Application form

View photogallery past editions

Olive Oil Academy Australia

This internationally competition is now in its third year and is open to all small and independent producers of Olive Oil in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

ARMONIA is the only Olive Oil competition that encourages chefs, cooks, enthusiasts and consumers to expand their knowledge of “Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) of EXCELLENCE” as well as new, alternative uses and techniques for increasing consumption in catering, in the kitchen and on the table.

As in previous years, where the judging panel consisted of some of the best chefs in Australia including Gary Mehigan of MasterChef Australia, the competition “Armonia in the Kitchen” will take place in a famous cooking school in Sydney.

This year’s theme is “Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Rice & … ” Chef, Food bloggers and Foodies will compete to prepare the best risotto with Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Excellence selected from the competition’s ARMONIA winning Oils.

Logo Anzsa 2014In the previous international edition of “EVOO, Rice &…”, the winning young chef’s are now lucky enough to be completing a 2 week internship with Jamie Oliver at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen in Cornwall UK.

The theme “EVOO, Rice & …” was chosen this year because risotto rice has always been considered one of the best products to maximize all degrees in the flavours of EVOO Excellence, and is a good opportunity to launch the follow on competition to find the Best Risotto in Australia.

Anyone with experience in the evaluation of EVOO may submit an application to be part of the jury selection. A special panel will be composed of consumers for the recognition of “EVOO People’s Choice 2014″ The evaluation panel will be led by qualified Australian Panel Supervisors.

This year’s winner award will have their product promoted by The Olive Oil Academy to all Australian restaurants that use and display the EVOO of Excellence.

The Gala Dinner and Award ceremony will be held in Sydney in December 2014 (date TBA).

Entries for Olive Oil Producers are NOW OPEN and will close on 26 September 2014

For all information regarding competition rules & application forms please visit our website:

Olive Oil Academy Australia 
by International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Agency
ARMONIA Championship Office for the Southern Hemisphere Australia, New Zealand & South Africa.
PHONE +61 (0) 437 430 974 +61 (0) 403 872 493

Armonie in Cucina - Australia

Lettera Aperta – L’olio in polvere e i progressi tecnici e tecnologici nel settore agroalimentare

Gentile Direttore,
Leggiamo con piacere il suo articolo sull’olio in polvere, (leggi l’articolo) e desideriamo sottolineare la profonda soddisfazione provata nello scoprire che, finalmente, l’utilizzo della maltodestrina per la trasformazione dell’extravergine da liquido in polvere, che noi insegniamo dal gennaio 2013 nei nostri corsi per Sommelier professionali dell’Olio, sta diventando di dominio pubblico e non è più prerogativa dei giovani chef degli istituti alberghieri italiani aderenti al progetto Oleum Sapiens.

Gli stessi giovani chef che si sono dimostrati entusiasti di fronte a queste trasformazioni e si dedicano giorno dopo giorno a ideare e realizzare nuove creazioni culinarie con sistemi innovativi. Del resto i corsi per Sommelier professionali dell’Olio ideati da IRVEA/ Olive Oil Academy non sono orientati a formare semplici assaggiatori di olio, come avviane nella maggior parte dei corsi di questo genere, ma sono incentrati anche sulla sua comunicazione e promozione, oltre che sull’utilizzo di strumenti, tecniche e tecnologie per un uso innovativo ed alternativo dell’extravergine in cucina e in sala.
Risalgono al 2012 le nostre prime esperienze nella trasformazione dell’Extravergine dallo stato liquido a quello in polvere. Durante le finali del Concorso Harmony in the Kitchen- branca culinaria del Concorso oleario A.NZ.SA. ARMONIA, riservato ai giovani discepoli dei grandi chef australiani. Alexanda Joslyn (24 anni) giovane allievo di Stefano Pavoni – Spit on the bridge- Sydney- si è infatti classificato II° nel concorso presentando un dessert a base di spuma di yogurt, gelatina di rabarbaro ed Extravergine erbaceo medio in polvere.

E’ stata una sorpresa vedere come in queste “nuove terre” l’evoluzione in cucina ha fatto passi da gigante negli ultimi 10 anni. La giuria, composta da esperti, importanti chef australiani e dai giudici di Master Chef Australia, non ha potuto che rimanere entusiasta nell’appurare la sistematica ricerca di questi giovani chef per innovare e migliorare le proprie capacità.

Vai alla photogallery Armonie In the Kitchen Australia 
Anche quest’anno i giovani chef degli alberghieri, aderenti al programma Oleum Sapiens, stanno affilando le loro armi in vista delle finali del concorso “ARMONIE in CUCINA”, collegate alla competizione “Olio, Riso &…tra terra e mare”, che premierà le migliori creazioni culinarie realizzate con gli extravergini vincitori del VIII° Concorso oleario Internazionale ARMONIA, così come avvenuto anche nelle precedenti edizioni presso ALMA, La Scuola internazionale di Cucina Italiana di Colorno. Per i giovani vincitori di questa edizione è previsto come premio un’esperienza lavorativa alla corte di Jamie Oliver in UK, biglietto aereo e soggiorno inclusi.
L’anno scorso il concorso ha visto nascere una stella. Giovanissimo, Daniele Lopriore dell’Alberghiero di Castellana Grotte (BA), la cui performance gli aveva fatto aggiudicare il 3° posto al concorso, sta infatti già lavorando presso “Paschà”, uno dei pochi ristoranti stellati Michelin di Puglia.
Digressioni a parte, volevamo ringraziarla per aver dato spazio a queste informazioni preziosissime ma spesso trascurate, grazie alle quali ci è stato permesso di condividere con lei e con i suoi lettori, oggi per la prima volta dopo tanto tempo, l’importanza fondamentale di promuovere la ricerca e l’innovazione in campo gastronomico ed alimentare.
Per chi, come noi, crede che il futuro dell’agroalimentare consisti nel sapersi innovare senza rinunciare alla qualità
Segreteria Organizzativa IRVEA
Ph. + 39 011 195 67 218
Mob:+39 338 53 94 663
Fax: + 39 0743 77 86 08