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Olive Oil Sommelier course – Tuscan Edition 2018

Olive Oil Sommelier course – Tuscan Edition 2018

22nd  – 26th October 2018

Pienza Val d’Orcia – Siena – Italy


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Complete Olive Oil Sommelier course content and list of lectures

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A wonderfully exciting olive oil & food experience for those who want a deeper knowledge of the production, commercial processes, tasting and innovative use in the kitchen and restaurants of olive oil “…from the earth to the table”.

Not just a course but a memorable experience with well-balanced theory and practical segments that provide participants with the right skills and knowledge to be able to recognize and communicate the rational use of olive oil in the kitchen and on table through the harmonization of olive oil and food pairing.

Course inclusions

  • Classroom sessions, guided tastings with more than 50 olive oils of a various origins and practical exercises from Monday to Friday
  • Didactical material
  • The annual subscription at the Association IRVEA
  • Five overnight stay – Check-in 21st October and Check-out 26th October 2018
  • Five breakfast buffet
  • Five light lunches buffet
  • “Food Culture & Pairing” masterclass with Artisan Cheese and Salumi
  • Two didactic dinners in local restaurants
  • Guided tour of two local wineries/olive grove/olive mill for a true culinary experience
  • Guided tasting of olive oil, wine, local artisan salumi and cheese
  • Olive Oil Sommelier Diploma
  • Sensory Aptitude Certificate
  • I.D. Olive Oil EXPERT / Sommelier Card 2019
  • Professional Olive Oil Sommelier Pin
  • A selection the official olive oil standard defects (I.O.O.C. – EU)

A course created and organized by the Olive Oil Academy

Olive Oil Sommelier


KING PORK..…from farm to fork

Porky & Friends: Italian Charcuterie Course

A week dedicated to discovering the secrets of rearing, butchering and artisan curing of meats, that has made the Italian Salumi tradition a success.
Learn how to make Italian cured pork meats known as Salumismallgoods or charcuterie  and include delicacies such as:
 Prosciutto, Speck, Culatello, Salame, Salsiccia, Cotechino, Porchetta…
…all a gastronomic success story.


Participants will study and learn hands on, the art of preparing and transforming pork meat, how to correctly use sea salt, spices and natural flavours, learn the secrets of tying and curing to create the “Works of Art” known as Porchetta, Prosciutto, Culatello, Rolled Pancetta, Salame and Salsiccia.

Each day’s programme will cover the curing and cooking techniques of different meat cuts: baking, grilling, griddling and boiling for a sumptuous spread which will be served and enjoyed as lunch at the end of each day’s session. These delicacies will be accompanied by daily baked homemade bread, local craft beer and Lambrusco wine.

Besides the programme schedule you can try your hand at making fresh bread and pasta. Local experts in the art of “Sfoglia Emiliana”, a fresh egg pasta, will run a practical course for those interested in making Lasagne sheets, Emilian Tagliatelle, Tortelli and Tortellini, followed by a tasting dinner of the products made.

The course is aimed at those who want to improve their knowledge of the “King Pork”: livestock farmers, butchers, food products processors, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, those who produce and season salumi, chefs, and people who want to start artisan production of HIGH QUALITY salumi, mass retail quality control inspection staff, cookery and salumi technique enthusiasts.


Contact information:
IRVEA – Istituto per la Ricerca e la Valorizzazione delle Eccellenze Agroalimentari
ph. +39 011 195 67 218 – fax +39 0743 77 86 08
mob. +39 338 53 94 663 – +39 347 49 13 924

Contacts IRVEA South Hemisphere:Mob. +61 403 872493  E-mail 
Porky & Friends – fee included