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25th – 29th June 2018 – Pienza (SI)

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A high level qualification and professionalization course, designed for those who have obtained in the past Olive Oil Sommelier diploma and for olive oil tasters or connoisseurs to improve their skills and competencies in the field.

The course is designed also for those who want to obtain Olive Oil Sommelier diploma with a new comprehensive and original formula, using teaching unique approach that guarantees a solid understanding of the required skills and innovative content never studied before in this field.

Our goal is to offer a high level qualification and professionalization course to improve theoretical and practical knowledge concerning sensorial analysis, also with guided tasting sessions with more than 60 olive oils coming from worldwide.

Those who want to verify their subjective perception can take part to the optional selective trials, perception olfactory tests for the comprehension of the different intensities.

Practical laboratories will present techniques to create directly blends with olive oils with different origins and characteristics.

During the course participants will take part to laboratories concerning gastronomy and healthy aspects, with degustation and cooking demonstrations and a peculiar attention to the alternative use of olive oil in cooking, in cold preparations in kitchen and in restaurants and for the preparation of cosmetics.

Very interesting will be also the session of the course dedicated to the marketing oriented to the difference between countries and customs in the different markets and with a focus to the ways to turn costs into profit opportunities.


Olive Oil Sommelier in Tuscany

A course for food lovers, olive oil tasters, gourmets, food enthusiasts and professionals

23rd  - 27th October 2017

Pienza Val d’Orcia – Siena – Italy



NEXT EDITION: Lake Garda, 9-13 April 2018

(Subscriptions will be opened in the next few days!) 


A wonderfully exciting olive oil & Food experience for those who want a deeper knowledge of the production, commercial processes, tasting and innovative use in the kitchen and restaurants of olive oil “…from the earth to the table”.

This is a course that would suit food lovers, gourmets, food enthusiasts and professionals who want a deepen their knowledge of the whole production and commercial process of olive oil “from the earth to the plate”

Our goal is to offer a well balanced theory and practical course that will provide participants with the right skills and knowledge to be able to communicate the rational use of olive oil in the kitchen and on the table, in particular harmonization of olive oil and food pairing.

The olive oil sommelier is a professional that knows how to turn costs into profit opportunities in retail, restaurants and for consumers

At course completion, participants will have acquired skills and certification (Sensory Aptitude Certificate) entitling them to join the International Register of “Olive Oil Experts”.

These new olive oil professionals have the opportunity to be part of a professional olive oil evaluation panel or jurers in international olive oil competitions.

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Complete Olive Oil Sommelier course contente


  • Classroom sessions, guided tastings with more than 50 olive oils of a various origins and practical exercises from Monday to Friday
  • Didactical material
  • The annual subscription at the Association IRVEA
  • Five overnight stay – Check-in 22nd October and Check-out 27th October 2017
  • Five breakfast buffet
  • Five light lunches buffet
  • “Food Culture & Pairing” masterclass with Artisan Cheese and Salumi
  • Two didactic dinners in local restaurants
  • Guided tour of two local wineries/olive grove/olive mill for a true culinary experience
  • Guided tasting of olive oil, wine, local artisan salumi and cheese
  • Olive Oil Sommelier Diploma
  • Sensory Aptitude Certificate
  • I.D. Olive Oil EXPERT / Sommelier Card 2018
  • Professional Olive Oil Sommelier Pin
  • A selection the official olive oil standard defects (I.O.O.C. – EU)

Location overview

Course will be held in the Conference Room of the Hotel Residence San Gregorio in the wonderful landscape of Val d’Orcia

Via della Madonnina, 4, 53026 Pienza (SI)

Ph. +39 0578 748059 – 0578 490064 – 800917019 Fax + 39 0578 748354



Relish your stay in the Hotel Residence San Gregorio, built on the ruins of an opera house of the 1930s, in perfect harmony with the elegance, grace and charm of the ideal Renaissance city.

Enjoy the enduring beauty of the surrounding scenery from the delightful garden and the outdoor pool, a heavenly retreat within the Hotel.

This very same landscape has inspired many artists over the past centuries!

Combine a stay in Val d’Orcia with the visits to local producer of typical products

Learn to taste olive oils coming worldwide for a learning holiday with a difference.


  • Suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced tasters
  • Minimum age 18 (although children are accepted accompanied by adults)

More info

A course created and organized by the Olive Oil Academy


Olive Oil Sommelier

More info

A course created and organized by the Olive Oil Academy


Training Course for HEAD of PANEL of international olive oil sensory panel

Parma (PR) – Italy

9th – 11th November 2015  

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This a specific course aimed to take competencies to establish, leading and co ordinating an Tasting Panel for quality control and olive oil classification and certification

The course is aimed in according to the I.O.O.C. – International Olive Oil Coucil norms and International regulation and all instructors are highly specialized in their field and are official IOOC and EC Expert Commission members.

What is a head of Panel?

The Head of Panel (also know as Panel Leader or Panel Supervisor) is a professional with specific competencies in selection, training, establish and managing a group of tasters or judges, also in the direction of the juries of international olive oil competitions.

He/She will be able to develop a good skills and expertise in the evaluation of the product and on leadership for the management of the group of tasters.

To perfect the skills acquired, participants are invited to join the co-direction of one of the various committees of the International Olive Oil Competition Competition ARMONIA 2016, under the leadership of the most important international Panel leaders.

Competencies and skills acquired can be useful also to manage panels of tasting of other food products (wine, cheese, salami, bread…)

Professional EVOO Sommelier

Professional EVOO Sommelier: course confirmed – Subscrption still open



Immerse yourself in the flavours, scents and beauty the magnificent Val d’Orcia in the heart of Tuscany

A 5 day professional training course to study and improve your knowledge and appreciation of olive oil, gastronomy and wine, with degustations and cooking demonstrations, these are the ingredients of our comprehensive course for the aspiring Olive Oil Sommelier.

WHEN & WHERE: Monday 13 October – Friday 17 October 2014 From 9am – 2pm in the classroom at: CASANOVA WELLNESS CENTER, San Quirico D’Orcia (Siena)

(FILEminimizer) ValDOrcia_58561546

An ‘Amazing Food Experience’ that also includes wellness, guided tasting tours and dinners to olive mills and wineries in the beautiful Montalcino region, home of the famous Brunello wine.

With a multidisciplinary approach to communication and marketing of olive oil and using innovative and alternative techniques, sensory analysis and organoleptic evaluation, we endeavour to highlight the Harmonisation of olive oil and food, both in the kitchen and on the plate.

What is an Olive Oil Sommelier?
A Professional Olive Oil Sommelier has a thorough knowledge of the full production process of olive oil – “from the grove to bottle” – and is highly skilled in the selection, classification, promotion and rational use of olive oil.

Our gaol is to offer a well balanced theory and practical course that will provide students with the right skills and knowledge to be able to communicate the rational use of olive oil in the kitchen and on the plate, in particular, the harmonisation of EVOO & Food pairing…

At course completion, participants will have acquired skills and qualification, entitling them to join the International Register of Olive Oil Experts and to be part of professional olive oil evaluation panels.

Contacts IRVEA South Hemisphere:

Mob. +61 403 872493  


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Professional EVOO Sommelier – fee included