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is the operational branch of the IRVEA Institute for the protection, development, and valorization of agri-food excellence.

It supports companies and operators in studying the improvement, valorization, and legal support for the protection of the products and services of the various production, commercial, and promotion components of the different sectors of the various supply chains and territorial districts.


Courses and events

    • Food Export Managing Controller;
    • Hospitality and Catering Inspectors
    • Businesses Official control for the protection of products, businesses, and consumers
    • The qualitative improvement of food products;
    • The Certification of ORGANIC products: the activities and procedures for control and supervision
    • The fight against commercial fraud and strategies for exporting to EU and non-EU countries.
    • Investigative techniques for food safety and the protection of PDO and PGI products and brands;
    • Administrative and Criminal Responsibilities for Food Crime;
    • FDA and the new legislative framework for exports to the USA;

    With the collaboration and participation of top experts in the various disciplines and subjects, such as magistrates, lawyers, and inspection staff of official control bodies.

23 years togeather

The National Register of Professional Inspectors and Quality Operators

List of names in the National Register of Professional Inspectors and Quality Operators

For the training, participants have the right to register in the National Register of Inspectors, Consultants, and Quality Operators, established to support and make available companies and operators who possess specific professional skills.

Registration in the Register is FREE, VOLUNTARY, and REGULATED. It is open to all professionals who can objectively prove that they have trained and updated their technical and professional skills in the two years preceding registration or renewal thereof.

The National Register of Professional Inspectors and Quality Operators is a list, structured on a national basis, established to support businesses and encourage the search for professionals with specific skills in the various fields:

Audit and inspection to support hospitality, catering, production, distribution, and marketing companies, and export verification;
Inspection and Quality Control;
Consultancy services;

The Register is divided into 3 sectors:


Professionals registered in the professional registers of Biologists, Veterinarians, Agronomists and Food Technologists who in various capacities operate in the various areas of Food Safety, hygiene, support agri-food companies;

Professionals who also meet the requirements set out in the points referred to in the previous paragraph can be registered in both roles.

Professionals registered in Lists, Registries and Interprofessional Groups of the sector for whom the relevant regulations DO NOT provide for activities to update professional skills, such as:
– Wine / Oil Sommelier
– Virgin Olive Oil / Beer / Wine / Cheese Tasters

Registration is reserved exclusively for those who systematically and voluntarily carry out certified activities to update specific skills


Experts in verification and control activities which by way of example:

Food Export Managing Controller: BRC – IFS – GFSI- FSSC 22000- PCQI/FDA/USDA and other quality management systems, health and hygiene safety, distribution and logistics for exports;

Quality Food Control: Food safety, hygiene, management, and protection of production and quality brands and BIO-PDO-PGI Regulated Quality also in the wine sector;

Quality Care: Hotel and non-hotel accommodation facilities, production activities, catering and trade

Mycologist – (according to the provisions of the Ministry of Health Ministerial Decree no. of 11/29/1996 and subsequent amendments and additions)


Professionals can guarantee specific technical skills in the agri-food, hotel, and non-hotel hospitality sectors.

Operators of the various areas of the Hospitality sector such as:

Reception, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, and maintenance;

Food experts and technical staff for promotional services at fairs and events for the Food & Beverage sector.