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The Institute for Research and Enhancement of Agri-food and Environmental Excellences.

It is a multidisciplinary organization that, since 2001, through its activities in development, training, dissemination, and consulting, supports companies and operators. It operates internationally across various fields for the study, development, and improvement of products, services, and skills of companies and operators in various production chains, agri-food, tourism, and hospitality, aiming to enhance agri-food excellences, environmental aspects of the territory, and landscape.

Irvea is divided into 4 operational branches


Feder Quality
It is a multidisciplinary interprofessional body that has been operating since 2009 for the improvement, enhancement, and protection of products, services, and professional skills in various agri-food sectors as well as in tourism and environmental areas.


HSQ – High Standard Quality
It is the branch of IRVEA Institute specialized in improvement plans for products, services, and professional skills of operators in various sectors of the Tourist-Hospitality industry, including hotels and non-hotel accommodations (such as agritourism, historic residences, country houses, family-run accommodations like B&Bs, hotels, and dispersed hotels, etc.).
More about HSQ


Olive Oil, Food & Wine ACADEMY

It is the Educational Division of IRVEA that offers a wide range of amateur and professional courses in English on production techniques, processing, and sensory evaluation of various products.

  • Olive Oil Sommelier
  • Olive Oil Specialist
  • Wine& Food Specialist
  • Charcuterie course: From farm to fork
  • Olive Oil Panel Leader course
  • Hotel & Food Inspectors

The courses are conducted by highly specialized personnel in various subjects and are held in Italy and various countries upon request.


It is the operational branch of IRVEA that, since 2006, organizes a wide range of competitions to identify and reward various excellences in the olive oil, wine, craft beer sectors, and various agri-food excellences produced in different countries.

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