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Since 2006 it has organized international contests and competitions in the agri-food sector.

It rewards excellence in the olive oil, wine, and craft beer sectors.

Since 21 November 2022 ARMONIA has become a newspaper registered with the Court of Parma.

The ARMONIA Olive Oil Competition has now merged into the European Excellence GRAND PRIX.

Anna’s olive oil pastries

My name is Anna Dellarovere, I was born in 2007 and I am a self-taught pastry enthusiast. I started from the chocolate shop and fell in love with all the sweet cuisine, I really enjoy experimenting with new preparations with extra virgin olive oil and great leavened products.


Young Chef Students-EVOO, Rice &…

Armonia People’s Choice

The Armonia People’s Choice event involved journalists, gastronomy experts, chefs, restaurateurs, cooking enthusiasts, olive producers and consumers who, divided into ten working groups, evaluated the best oil-pizza combination.

ARMONIA BEER in the Plate

Over time, ARMONIA has also opened up to the craft beer sector, launching the ARMONIA BEER Competition – Beer in the Plate.

Armonia is the International Olive Oil Competition founded in 2006 by Mauro Martelossi, President of IRVEA, with the collaboration of ALMA and Gualtiero Marchesi.

ARMONIA Olive Oil Competition, now in its 18th edition, is still the first and only International Competition that brings together producers, tasters, chefs, restaurateurs and consumers.

A Notary guarantees the total anonymity of the labels and the results of the selection juries until the awards ceremony for the awarding of the ARMONIA Trophy.

He recognizes and rewards the best international EVOOs and their conscious use in the combination of oil and food in cooking and catering.

With the collaboration of famous starred chefs, he conceived and launched ARMONIE in the Kitchen, a gastronomic competition divided into two segments, one aimed at young chefs under 30 and the other at cooking lovers.

Collaborators with us: Gary Megan (MasterChef Australia judge),

Peter Gilmor (one of the Best 50 San Pellegrino chefs),

Jamie Oliver (English television chef) who gave an internship to the young winning chefs in his restaurant in Cornwall.

Over time, ARMONIA has also opened up to the craft beer sector, launching the ARMONIA BEER Competition – Beer on the Plate.
A traveling competition between Naples and Parma, with ALMA tasters and chefs involved in evaluating the beers and creating new dishes and recipes with the winning beers.

Collecting the legacy and experience of 18 editions, the ARMONIA International Olive Oil Competition will merge into the European Excellence ARMONIA GRAND PRIX from 2024.

A set of competitions and events to promote knowledge and valorisation of European excellence in Territories, Food and Hospitality.

Select and reward the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Wines from Hidden Cellars, Craft Beers, Honeys and Cheeses, their promotion and correct use in the networks of European Private Schools of Gastronomy and Hospitality, in European distribution and catering.