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Olive Oil Academy, Wine & Fine Food

It is the branch of IRVEA Institute dedicated to the training and updating of skills for enthusiasts and professionals in Olive and Oil and in Eno-Gastronomy in all its fields.

Courses & Activities

Olive Oil Sommelier

The course aims to train true Olive Oil Sommeliers, not mere and common oil tasters, but experts capable of selecting, communicating, and guiding retailers, restaurateurs, and consumers in the correct choice and use of various extra virgin olive oils in the kitchen, at the table, and in restaurants, turning costs into profit opportunities.

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Olive Oil Panel Leader

A course aimed at imparting skills and the necessary tools to train professionals capable of selecting and training professional tasters for the composition and management of official tasting panels for the classification of olive oils, according to the standards and regulations of the International Olive Council that govern the classification and marketing of olive oils.

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Olive Oil Panel Connoisseur

A specialized course on commercial valorization, increasing consumption, and sales of Quality EVOOs in various European and international markets.

Designed for producers, commercial operators, distributors, retailers, and restaurateurs, this course aims to enhance communication techniques and strategies for implementing new consensus networks and locally promoting the culture of Quality EVOO.

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Olive Oil Master Mill

A technical-practical course designed for operators of olive oil production plants. An advanced program to acquire the necessary knowledge for improving production and differentiating the product according to the requirements of various international markets, logistics, transportation, and credit insurance guarantees.

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Italian Artisan Charcuterie

A theoretical and practical course to learn the various methods of breeding and feeding pigs and their effect on the quality of the production of Italian Artisan Charcuterie.

The techniques and secrets of meat preparation and transformation: salting, stuffing, tying, and aging those “Masterpieces” known as prosciutto di Parma, culatello, salami, rolled pancetta, capocollo or coppa, sausage, cotechino, and more.

The course can be included and combined with the Food & Wine Specialist course.

Food & Wine Specialist

A course for food enthusiasts, gourmets, and those who aspire to be more than just olive oil or wine sommeliers, but want to become true experts in both wine and food.

A customizable course to explore authentic Italian food and gastronomic culture, covering production techniques, selection, table service of various food products, and their pairing with different extra virgin olive oils and wines.

This course can be included and integrated into the Italian Artisan Charcuterie program.

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