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Terms and Conditions

Registration for courses, competitions, events, and initiatives proposed by IRVEA and its respective operational branches can be carried out by completing the relevant registration forms or directly through the website, if available.
A. Registration is considered completed upon receipt of the fully completed and signed registration form, accompanied by a copy of the receipt attesting to the payment of the contribution, if required, net of transaction fees and/or bank charges.
B. Registration for the course/event or initiative includes the IRVEA membership fee for the current year.
C. The registration form and the required accounting documentation must be transmitted via email to the Organizational Secretariat at the address
Upon confirmation of the receipt of the registration form and the related documentation, the Organizational Secretariat will send an email to the address provided in the registration form, followed by a subsequent confirmation email of the course commencement before its start.

Payment for the services offered can be made according to the methods published on the respective registration form or webpage on the website
Full payment or a 50% deposit of the total cost (if applicable) can be made through the following methods:
• Bank Transfer to the benefit of IRVEA, using the provided bank details;
• Credit Card via the secure direct system connected to banking institutions;
• PayPal or other similar methods (with an additional 3.4% for fees).

All transaction costs, fees, and/or international bank charges are entirely the responsibility of the applicant, and if not calculated at the time of payment, they must be settled with the secretariat before the start of the course/event.

A. The deposit is non-refundable.
B. The balance must be settled at least 30 days before the start of the course.
C. Registration will be considered valid only if complete with all required documentation and upon receipt of the full amount specified for the respective registration.

A refund of the deposit or the entire amount paid can be requested within 20 (twenty) days from the date of payment by completing the REFUND REQUEST FORM, less €50.00 administration costs for REFUNDS of payments received from and destined for non-EU countries.
A. After this period, the participant may opt for a credit voucher to be used in the next scheduled course or another course or initiative of equal value.
B. The issued voucher is valid for two years from the date of the payment.
If the participant is unable to attend the event/initiative, upon written communication to the Organizational Secretariat at least 30 days before the start of the event/initiative and without any additional cost or economic burden, they may be replaced by a person nominated and delegated by them.

For organizational needs, force majeure, legal restrictions, or limitations, IRVEA reserves the right to:
• Postpone, cancel, or delete one or more scheduled courses;
• Modify the dates, program, venue, course structure, and/or replace the indicated speakers with others of equivalent professional level. Notification of such changes will be communicated via email to the registered participants at least 3 working days before the course start date, without additional charges or obligations.
In the event of course/event cancellation, the received amount will be refunded without further charges or obligations.

In the event of a postponement due to health, legal, organizational restrictions, or other force majeure circumstances, the participant may choose from the following options/conditions:
A. Free change of reservation and automatic enrollment in the next scheduled course, with no modification costs;
B. Free cancellation and issuance of a credit voucher equivalent to the paid amount, to be used in another potential course or initiative of equal value.
The voucher is valid for two years from the payment date.
C. If unable to attend the event/initiative, upon written communication to the Organizational Secretariat at least 30 days before the start of the course/event and without any additional cost or economic burden, the participant may be replaced by a person nominated and delegated by them.
D. Registration for IRVEA activities, or even just the payment of the deposit and/or related fees, constitutes express approval and acceptance of the contractual conditions stated on the website

In compliance with international regulations regarding COVID-19 SAFE and/or any other applicable regulations, access to the course is granted only to individuals who meet the requirements specified by current regulations.
A. The use of cameras is allowed inside the classrooms.
B. Video cameras, recorders, or video recorders are not allowed, and audio and/or video recording for privacy reasons of attendees and image rights are not permitted.
C. Any companions of course/event participants are not allowed access to classrooms/laboratories during class hours. They are, however, welcome at the final presentation, course closure, or during lunch breaks.
D. The educational material provided by the instructors will be given to participants in digital format and sent via email to the address provided on the registration form.
E. Participants are required to use equipment and materials with the utmost care and to adhere to safety regulations within the classrooms. Any damages to persons and/or property caused by participants are the complete responsibility of the client, who must reimburse them upon IRVEA’s request.
F. Non-participation in one or more days of the course does not entitle the participant to any refund, even partial, of the paid fee.
G. Unless otherwise communicated in writing, transportation, meals, and accommodations are not included in the course registration fee.

The competent court for any action or dispute related to the interpretation, execution, and resolution of this contract shall be the court of PARMA (PR), Italy.

All personal information received will be stored and processed by IRVEA solely for the purposes of course administration (accounting, logistics, list compilation, etc.) in accordance with EU Regulation 679/2016.
This information will be used exclusively for statistical, editorial, and informational purposes regarding the activities proposed by IRVEA and its associates.
The data subject may access their information in our possession and exercise the rights under Article 7 of the law (updating, correction, integration, deletion, transformation, or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, opposition to data processing, etc.) by sending a written request to the data controller at the email address, as indicated in point 1.