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A specialized course for those who produce and sell EVOO, for those who buy EVOO, for those who use it, and for those who resell it.

Minimum number of participants: 12


Phone: +39 346 5419 847


Castiglione d’Orcia

28 • 29 • 30

Ottobre 2024

Olive Oil Mill “La Fonte dell’Olio”
Castiglione d’Orcia (SI) Tuscany – Italy 

Participation in the course requires a contribution,
net of transaction costs, of Euro 1,490.00

(including the IRVEA 2024 membership fee).


A multidisciplinary course to convey the know-how and tools necessary for product knowledge, increased consumption, and improved sales of Extra Virgin Olive Oils in wholesale, retail, and hospitality on various markets. An advanced course to acquire operational methods for attracting and retaining buyers and “consumers.”

A set of strategies to support producers, commercial operators, distributors, retailers, and restaurateurs for the improvement of valorization techniques and commercial strategies, creating and implementing new networks of consensus, and promoting the local culture of Quality EVOO.


A course for producers and business operators, buyers, importers, distributors, retailers, hospitality operators, chefs, and consumers. Participants can also include those who have acquired previous experience in the sector by attending courses such as:

• Olive Oil Sommelier;
• Olive Oil Taster;
• Olive Oil Connoisseur;

• Olive Oil Panel Leader;
• Master of Oil Mill;
• Olive Oil Professionals and Operators;

The course qualifies for registration with the International Registry of Olive Oil, Fine Food & Wine Quality Experts.

It is also valid for certifying the update of professional skills in the selection and control of food quality, applicable to those who have attended training courses with other Italian and/or foreign organizations.


• The Qualities of EVOO and “product diversification” in relation to different markets;

• New sensory memory techniques and their impact on product selection;

• Techniques and strategies for sensory enhancement of EVOO and customer attraction;

• Different EVOOs and their use in various contexts and with different foods.

• EVOO, Markets, Marketing, and Consumers;

• “Product selection” and credit guarantees for wholesale and retail;

• Ancillary services to support retail shops and distributors;

• Trade fairs, workshops, events, opinion leaders, and communication;

• Learn-to-tech: training to educate and inform;

• Training and professional qualification of EVOO operators in the hospitality industry;

• Building defects and techniques for intensity modulation;

• Creating local opinion networks and evaluation groups.

Proficiency test

On request, tests for the evaluation and re-evaluation of sensory sensitivity for the tasting of olive oils can be carried out of the issue of the Physiological Suitability Certificate*

During the course, practical and culinary demonstrations and strategies will be held on the different systems of using olives and EVOO in the kitchen, at the table and in the various preparations useful for promotion and increase in EVOO sales.

Inclusions in the course

• Theoretical and practical lessons in class room from Monday to Wednesday;

• Evening practical exercises on the preparation of defects samples and intensity modulation; Informal technical discussions about EVOO marketing strategies on the different markets;

• Guided EVOO tastings sessions with olive oils from different origin, variety, and extraction techniques;

• In some days, lunch could be part of the cooking demonstration made during the lessons;

• Closing dinner of the course;

• Olive Oil CONNOISSEUR Diploma

• Olive Oil Quality Expert ID Card 2024;

• Registration in the International Olive Oil Expert Register- CONNOISSEUR;

• Samples of the official olive oil standard defects (I.O.O.C.);

• Didactic material;

Without regard to the above didactical program, the topics may subject to variations in the chronological order of the treatment.


Qualification and title are valid for enrollment in the International Register of Olive Oil Experts and for being part of a professional olive oil evaluation panel and a juror for international olive oil competitions.

Olive Oil CONNOISSEUR Diploma

CERTIFICATE of Physiological Sensory Suitability

(*) on request will be issued only upon request of the interested party and after the participant has passed the selective tests.

(*) Sensory sensitivity tests are not mandatory. The Certificate of Physiological Sensory Suitability is required by the Italian Ministerial Decree 07 October 2021 to be part of the olive oil tasting panel and for registration in the Register of Olive Oil Experts.



A food technologist specializing in Food Technology and Biotechnology, he is in charge of project management for new high-tech and innovative oil mills.


Founder and Director of IRVEA Institute, an expert in Food Law, Panel Leader since 2001, and Academic of the Italian National Academy of Olives and Oils since 2006.


Panel Leader and professional olive oil taster, official member of the olive oil panel recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.


Registration is considered to be completed when the form is received by fax or email at the course secretariat,
accompanied by a copy of the bank transfer statement showing the payments

28 – 29 – 30 Ottobre 2024

Seats are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the chronological order of application until the available spots are filled.

Participation in the course requires a contribution, net of transaction costs, of Euro 1,490.00 (including the IRVEA 2024 membership fee).
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