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The Armonia International Olive Oil Competition, now in its sixteenth edition, is still the first and only International Olive Oil Competition that, involving producers, tasters, chefs, foodies, and consumers, recognizes and rewards the best international EVOO and their conscious use in oil-food pairing.
Section 1

The Competition is conceived and organized by IRVEA – Institute for Research and Valorization of Agri-food and Environmental Excellence – and Olive Oil Academy in collaboration with the C.C.I.A.A. of Parma.

Section 2

The competition aims to
• stimulate and encourage olive growers and millers for the improvement of product quality, recognizing and rewarding the best international EVOO;
• promote knowledge, conscious use and harmonization of taste in the oil-food combination, through gastronomic competitions between professional chefs, young chefs, foodies and ordinary consumers;
• Recognize, reward and promote restaurants, restaurateurs, chefs and all those structures that stand out in the correct and rational use and promotion of extra virgin olive oil of Excellence in catering, in Schools of Cooking and Gastronomy in various countries.


Section 3

The Competition is divided into various sections:
– Sensory Competition ARMONIE IN THE KITCHEN
– Cooking Competition 2022 international olive oil competition international olive oil competition
– Graphic Design and Communicative Impact Competition
– Competition with People’s Choice Judging Panel ARMONIA THE BEST OF
– Territorial competition held in the countries, regions and territorial areas that request it, aimed at promoting local food and wine tourism.

Section 4

REGISTRATION The ARMONIA Competition is open to:
• extra virgin olive oils of any international origin:
• bottled and labelled for trade according to the laws of the respective countries;
• for which it has been submitted a regular application and sent the relevant samples by March 04, 2022 to the following

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