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Phone: +39 347 4913 924


4 • 5 • 6 • 7 SETTEMBRE 2023

Course Location:
Chamber of Commerce
or Hotel Farnese, Parma, Italy

Parma Time:
Monday to Wednesday
from 9.00 to 15.00


The course is aimed at training Panel Leaders with specific skills and tools to set up, train and guide official tasting panels of virgin olive oils according to the international standards governing the classification and marketing of olive oils.

The Panel Leader, also known as Panel Supervisor, is a professional able to select and train professional tasters for the composition of official Panels for product classification.


The Panel Leader (Panel Supervisor) is the link between the sensory judges (tasters) and the “sensory evaluation” of the product.

A multidisciplinary role where you/he must have the ability to:
• instructor;
• manager;
• secretary;
• have good listening skills;
• have solid leadership;
• organization skills;
• inventiveness and creativity

They should possess the same qualities required of the panel tasters, that is, intellectual honesty, curiosity, (tasting) motivation and decisiveness.

He must possess the same qualities required of the tasters making up the panel, intellectual honesty, curiosity, motivation (tasting) and determination in managing the group of tasters.

Must be able to manage the Panel Room, be the point of reference and guide of the group of judges who make up the panel and a good administrator of the large volume of samples to be tested, which may sometimes have to be repeated. He/she should have a sound knowledge of the product being analyzed and facilitate the various round table discussions on determining the specific descriptors for each product category.


The required duties for a Panel Supervisor

The required duties for a Panel Supervisor are to:

• manage and oversee the running of the laboratory and associated information system;

• training and instruction of (panel) judges;

• continuous monitoring of each taster’s capability/competency;

• maintain good relations with management and other company personnel;

• collate and process all details for reporting of final tasting tests;

• have a broad knowledge of the makeup of the products being analyzed.



Chemical and Sensory analysis expert CSIC – Instituto de la Grasa; Member of various European and International commissions of the olive oil field; Panel Leader of ARMONIA International Olive Oil Competition.


Biologist, Panel Leader CREAOLI Research Centre for Olive Growing and Olive Industry Scientific Centre in Pescara.


PHD in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Panel Leader of the Agro-food Laboratory of the Regional Government of Andalusia-Spain; Expert in sensory analysis and member of various international olive oil juries.


Founder and Director of IRVEA Institute, an expert in Food Law, Panel Leader since 2001, and Academic of Italian National Academy of Olives and Oils since 2006.